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Announcement GED- Green, Economically, Digitally

Since its founding in 2007, the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies (CEAS) has sought to keep pace with both natural and imposed circumstances, evolving and advancing towards achieving its goals. The Covid-19 virus pandemic that hit the whole world in 2020 affected modern political and social trends. Serious problems have emerged in the functioning of individual societies, as well as political systems in dealing with the crisis. The situation required changes, so CEAS decided that it was time for changes in its own activities. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, like many other organizations, CEAS also encountered a number of obstacles in achieving its goals and implementing projects. Then the idea of structural changes arose, and further development of the situation on domestic and global level only emphasized the importance and necessity of reorganization.

Through strategic planning, adoption of new methodologies, and several months of teamwork, GED was created – Green, Economically, Digitally (GED). What we unanimously agreed on is that new energy is needed in the civil sector, as well as that, it is necessary to find new ideas that will suit the needs of society and citizens, above all. Our goal is to promote digitalization, promote sustainable development, green economy and green transition in the Republic of Serbia. Digitization has become an unstoppable process in recent years, and a society that wants to keep up with the world cannot stay behind. The pandemic has only confirmed the process of digitalization as an imperative in all spheres of life. As digitalization in Serbia has only just begun to develop, GED believes that it is necessary to work more on information, education and practical knowledge about digitalization among citizens.

Another topic that has been in the center of the world’s attention for several years now is ecology. More and more resources, human and material, are being invested in education about actions on the necessity of environmental protection as well as technology, all with the aim of switching to clean energy. As the Republic of Serbia has been struggling with poor air quality for years, the destruction of natural habitats and the environment, we believe that it is necessary to get involved in the fight for a cleaner, greener and more sustainable environment. GED wants to contribute to the building of environmental awareness in Serbia through active engagement and commitment. Education, workshops and working with people through concrete actions are the most effective means of changing people’s consciousness.

Besides clean environment we need to have clean economy as well, so GED strives to initiate and encourage a debate on a clean, circular economy. Innovations in ecology must coincide with innovations in economics, otherwise the transition will not be effective. In order for this whole process to bring climate justice for everyone, a fair green transition must be implemented, so that no one is left behind. By initiating these topics, we strive to move all actors on the social and political scene to get involved in topics that are burning problems of this generation.

In order to achieve these goals, we are ready to cooperate with all actors of social and political life in Serbia, but also with international actors. Only by cooperating, educating and adopting new knowledge and skills in the fields of digitalization, ecology and economy we can achieve a clean and sustainable level of development and protect ourselves and the environment.

Belgrade, May 2022

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