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Anđa Petković

Anđa Petković

Program Director


Since 2009, she has been a member of the Liberal Democratic Party, where she has gained experience in various fields. Since 2012, as a member of the LDP Youth Political Council, she has actively participated in the creation of several public policies. Since February 2014, she has been one of the founders of the LDP Human Rights Council.

After attending the one-year school NDI “Creating Public Policies Based on Reliable Data”, she worked on drafting the policy “Necessity of Implementing the National Qualifications Framework in the Republic of Serbia”, which was published in the Collection of Proposals 2011/2012 published by TransConflict, US Aid and NDI. He is a participant in the training program organized by TransConflict entitled “Strengthening the capacity of policy-making of political parties in the field of security and defense.”

She started her career in the non-governmental sector in 2015 as a project assistant at the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies. Since 2021, she has been promoted to the position of Executive Director of the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies.

Her special interests are international law, liberalism, human and economic rights.

Andja Petkovic graduated in law from the Faculty of Law of the Union “Nikola Tesla” University in Belgrade.

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