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Project “Panda Labs Junior For Just Transition

GED members participated in the final hackathon within the project “Panda Labs Junior For Just Transition” organized by WWF Adria Serbia.

The project included a series of webinars organized in the previous 2 months on the topic of “Fair Energy Transitions” in Serbia and the region. As energy transition has become an inevitable process that will happen in the future, the goal of the project was to offer opportunities and solutions for a fair transition, which would not harm anyone and still meet all the needs of citizens for energy and material security.

As part of the project, a workshop was organized at the Obrenovac Thermal Power Plant, as the largest energy producer in the Republic of Serbia. The aim of the workshop was to get acquainted with the capacities of the Thermal Power Plant, but also with the negative effects of its work.

The final hackathon was organized in Obrenovac, as a place that will face the energy transition in the near future. The topic of the hackathon was “Nature-Based Solutions”, which could potentially be an introduction to the energy transition.

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